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  • March 15, 2010Just announced: Bill Sanders will be available starting March 25.
  • March 12, 2010 Beta version of Bill Sanders appeals to test persons Amanda (6) and Kevin (8).
  • December 13, 2010Offical go-ahead given for the development of Bill Sanders.

Bill Sanders - available from March 25

Author Connie van Gils wrote the story and illustrator Roel Seidell enriched it with his beautiful drawings. The story is narrated in English by Mary-Ann Jacobs. This enables young children to understand the tale by themselves.

Older children can turn off the narrator's voice and read the story for themselves.

Bill Sanders the frog is badgered by his friends and decides to take a trip to Paris. In Paris he learns how to sing and dance. Once he is famous, Bill returns to his old ditch. There he meets Ted, the frog he used to have a crush on. How will this end?

A peek at the book:

This is the story of a frog named Bill Sanders.
He knew as a child that he was... well... different.
Bill liked the girls – he thought they were okay –
but he preferred to see the boys from the water ballet.

One day in the summer Bill’s cousin asked him:
Who do you love, Bill? Is it Mindy or Kim?
Bill merely shrugged and to his cousin he said,
a little bit shy, that he was in love with Ted.

The story has 13 pages and is narrated in approximately 5 minutes.

"I like the story, because the drawings are so pretty" — Amanda, aged 5.

"People use the word gay for bullying. But Bill is gay too and that does not really matter" — Kevin, aged 8.

The story teaches children that you can be happy when you are gay.

This app might be a useful tool in an environment where there are two parents of the same sex or in schools to break down the taboo surrounding homosexuality.
It is also just a funny little story.

Are you teaching your child a foreign language? This app contains the story in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, and German. If you tune your iPhone to the language desired, the text and narrator's voice will adjust automatically.

Suitability with narrator's voice: children aged 3-6.
Suitability for independent reading: children aged 6-8.

Optimised for IOS4 and the Retina Display. Also optimised for the iPad. Suitable for iPhone 3G/3GS